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Personalized Under Armour Apparels

Under Armour is an international sportswear company that has gained popularity in Singapore in the recent years. Under Armour believes in empowering athletes and part of its brand identity includes promoting traits such as determination and a winning mentality. Co-branding with Under Armour is a good choice for our customers. The association with Under Armour’s positive and strong mentality is a bonus for every customer.

Why not consider decking out your team in customised Under Armour polo tees for your upcoming event? Personalise it with your company or event logos and make it even more special by adding individual names or initials on it the Under Armour polo tees.

Under Armour’s HeatGear fabric technology ensures high durability, good sweat wicking properties, it’s high breathability keeps you cool and makes it very comfortable for the wearer to go about performing day to day activities and exercises. Under Armour’s HeatGear apparel is lightweight and features an anti-odour technology.

Under Armour Singapore has collaborated with Ark Industries. Ark Industries provides a one stop service – not only is it an Under Armour apparel distributor, it is able to print and embroider on authentic Under Armour apparel for corporate customers locally in Singapore.

Choose from a range of Under Armour apparel:

1. Under Armour Polo Tees (Tech Polos, Performance Polos, Corporate Tech Polos)
2. Under Armour Round Neck Tees (Locker Tees, Tech Tees)
3. Under Armour Bags (Ozsee Sackpacks, Undeniable Duffel Bags, Patterson Backpacks)
4. Under Armour Jackets (Warm-up Jackets)
5. Under Armour Caps (Chino Caps)

*Apparel range changes from season to season

Ark Industries offers customers good bulk pricings for customisation of Under Armour apparel. This is ideal for customers who are from corporate companies. If you are looking for corporate polo tees and corporate round neck tees, why not consider the Under Armour Polo tees for your colleagues or for your next events!

 There are 3 ways you can customise Under Armour tees and polo tees:

1. Printing

Using the heat transfer printing or silkscreen printing method, you can print on many positions of the Under Armour tees and polo tees. You can choose from many colours and speciality prints – besides solid colours, you can consider using reflective prints or neon prints for your custom Under Armour apparel.

2. Embroidery

2D Flat embroidery can be used on Under Armour tees, polo tees, caps and even bags.

Embroidery is not limited to only the Left or Right chest positions. For polo tees, embroidery could be done on the front edge of the collar or the back of the collar. Our professional digitiser will ensure that the embroidery visual results are more than just satisfactory.

3. Combination of Printing and Embroidery

A combination of printing and embroidery methods may also be possible. A possibility is perhaps a left chest embroidery of your company logo and a back print of the event name. Many corporate companies in Singapore have chosen to customise Under Armour apparel to give away as corporate gifts or to use as company and event uniforms. Popular Under Armour items include the Ozsee Sackpack and the Tech Polos.

Ark Industries wants to help you to create smart and good looking corporate attire. Simply send us a message via the form below or call us at +6563520988 to find out more about Under Armour custom t shirt printing and embroidery.


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