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Material Focus – Under Armour Polos

Customise Under Armour polos at Ark Industries – Ark Industries is an official corporate distributor of Under Armour apparel in Singapore. Under Armour polos and Under Armour Running Tees which are available in both Men’s and Women’s cuttings, have been a very popular choice amongst our customers. With Under Armour’s well-made and high quality products, it is clear why Under Armour polo tees are well sought after.

One of Under Armour’s fabric technology is “HeatGear”. “Heatgear” is designed to keep the wearer dry and cool in hot weather. It is a moisture-wicking fabric material that accelerates the evaporation rate of perspiration from the wearer’s body, which keeps the fabric light for the wearer. With such a breathable fabric material, the comfort of wearing the Under Armour “HeatGear” fabric allows the wearer to focus on his or her performance during sports activities or every day tasks. Feeling cool, dry and comfortable sets the wearer up for success!

Ark Industries offers the Under Armour Performance Polo range for both Men and Women. The Performance Polo range is created with the “Heatgear” fabric that is made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, which sports a 4 way stretch function to allow for easy and greater mobility of the wearer. This is an important feature for athletes such as golf players or even for working in an environment which requires you to be up and about.

Another great feature of the Under Armour Performance Polo is the UPF30+ Sun Protection. The “HeatGear” fabric is designed to keep out an amount of ultraviolet sun rays from your body! Again, this is another great feature for athletes who are often outdoors – such as golf players and tennis players. Also, if you work in both indoors and outdoors environments, this Under Armour Performance Polo is an easy choice! Should you perspire during your activities, the anti-odor technology of the “HeatGear” fabric keeps bad smells away and the wearer can go about the daily tasks confidently.


Another option at Ark Industries is the Under Armour New Tech Polo. It is made of a 100% polyester “HeatGear” fabric. A unique feature of the New Tech Polo is the lightweight, soft and line textured fabric. It also dries really fast and does not wrinkle. Subtle aesthetic details such as the contrast colour inner neck tape and contrast colour inner outer placket make the Under Armour New Tech Polo’s design simple, yet classy. These subtle details allow our customers to embellish their logos in the several blank positions of the polo tee such as the right chest, both the sleeves and the back.

We recommend choosing Under Armour polos to customise for your corporate teams and sports teams. The value of the Under Armour brand itself adds more value to your customised polos, as compared to customising non-branded polos. The association with the Under Armour brand elevates your professional image and creates a better first impression.

We look forward to working with our customers to customise Under Armour Polos with unique logos. Here at Ark Industries, we are able to embroider or print your logos and text on 100% authentic Under Armour Polos for our customers. Simply send us a message below or give us a call at +65 6352 0988 for more information regarding Under Armour custom t shirt printing services.


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