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Join adidas On The Journey To End Plastic Waste

What is it for us?

900 million kg of plastic waste is discarded every year—in Singapore.

That’s like the weight of 400 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Now, imagine all the plastic waste from the rest of the world.

Another thing to highlight is as the Asian market emerges, so as our plastic wastes which is more than 50% of the total plastic waste around the world.

That’s crazy. Knowing that it takes almost 500 years for plastics to decompose.

It may not be obvious, but this problem is quite alarming.

Big problems need big solutions. Big corporations now are slowly making efforts. Small efforts are better than none. Adidas, being aware that they are also part of this problem already started this conscious movement since 1998.

Last year, with the release of their 2 new technologies, namely Primeblue and Primegreen, they achieved their goal of having 50% of all their products made from recycled materials.

Primeblue is a high-performance recycled material made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic – upcycled plastic waste, intercepted on remote islands, beaches, coastal communities and shorelines, preventing it from polluting our oceans.

Primegreen is a performance fabric which contains no virgin plastic. This means no new fabric was made from scratch.

By 2024, adidas aims to have all their products from footwear to clothing in Primeblue and Primegreen performance fabrics.

A big move.

But what’s in it for us? How can we help out?

It is very simple but a truly difficult shift.

We have to be conscious of how we use plastic and which brands we buy from.

From now on, there will definitely be a couple of brands that will follow suit to Primegreen. The usage of recycled plastics for clothing and footwear will definitely increase. When will these brands start, nobody knows. 

Check out our available Primegreen products

In the next few months and years, expect Primeblue and Primegreen releases from Adidas. Expect that the top teams and athletes are representing this movement. Expect that streetwear fashion is headed in this direction. We can start by being the early adapters and influencers that spread this idea. 

Join the journey to end plastic waste.


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