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It’s Your First Time Getting Custom Logo Tee Shirts Made? Here Are 10 Things You Should Know!

1. Know your Materials

First things first. What kind of Tee shirt material will you be printing your logo with? Because the type of tees matter depending on what the custom logo tee shirts are for. Is it for Merch? Is it for an Event? Is it for the teams of sales reps?

Whatever it may be, it basically falls on this two widely used materials. Cotton or Polyester. A brief description that we can give for both is the cotton is comfortable and perfect for Casual wear but not good if it’s for an outdoor activity where it might get steamy hot because if that’s the case then a polyester material would look great plus you don’t have to iron it dries very fast.

2. Copyright

If you intend to print some iconic logos like the Swoosh, the New York Yankees monogram or even a three stripe you will be asked to present an authorization or an approval for the use of such copyrighted brand marks.

Like some other customisation companies in Singapore, we are very strict on these kinds of things as we understand the importance of protecting the brand rights.

3. Do you have a CI or the Corporate Identity Guidelines?

Nowadays, no matter how big or small the company is, they will always have a Corporate Identity Guideline. If you have a logo, chances are high that you have it.

This is something that gives anyone in your company or to any supplier you are working with know the rules and regulations of working with your brand when doing company tee shirts with logo.

If it seems like your company doesn’t have any CI at all, don’t feel bad. If you want to consider building your own CI, don’t hesitate to ask us about it and have a fruitful discussion with our design team to help you along the way.

4. Logo Positions on a custom logo Tee shirt

Mostly everyone has an idea where to put their logos on a T-shirt. But for those who need assurance then we can share with you what they are. Prime spot will always be at the front. Across the chest if it’s a big one and on the left chest (where the heart is) if it’s a small and subtle logo. 

People tend to look at that position. It’s quite visible even if you’re behind a counter, inside your car or in a Zoom video conference.

5. Digitisation

Always keep in mind that wherever you go for an embroidery service, there will always be a one-time setup fee when digitizing your logo. What is digitisation? That’s the intricate process of converting your logo to embroidery format so that it can be mass-produced on polos, tees, caps, bags or wherever your heart desires.

6. Know the restrictions of Embroidery on custom logo tee shirts

Now that you know something about digitisation, next thing you need to know is the restrictions of embroidery. Let’s say that your logo has a gradient, it won’t be translated well as an embroidery piece. So it would be best to consider printing instead.

7. Know the restrictions of Heat Press on custom logo tee shirts

Yes, even Heat-press has its restrictions. (which one doesn’t?). But of course it’s reasonable restrictions and are quite few. For example—if your artwork is very small and contains small, thin letters, the artwork will have a border offset (in a colour similar to the fabric). This is to prevent the small letters from falling off.

8. Know the restrictions of Silkscreen Printing on custom logo tee shirts

Now, if you really have to print your artwork or your logo without any border offset, then what most suppliers will suggest is to go with Silkscreen. What’s great about silkscreen is it can handle those tiny details. It can even handle small grunge graphic effects without the risk of having the prints fall off. But one of the restrictions of silkscreen is that it is quite limited in terms of colour that means you cannot have gradients in your company tee shirt with logo as well.

9. Consider Sublimation Print

An alternative print method is Sublimation printing. Now this is where you can go all out in terms of customisation. To know more about Sublimation Print, you can check out our previous article about Sublimation Print.

10. Put your logo on branded apparels

But of course, when in doubt, we recommend to go with a branded apparel. You can never go wrong and everyone in the team would love to wear that company tee shirt with logo! Wear the custom branded polo tee with pride and enjoy the comfortable, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric.


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