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Is it time for a SPORTSMASK upgrade?

Our Under Armour SPORTSMASK Featherweight Singapore Review. 

Last year, Under Armour dropped one of their most sought-after products to just be sold out in a matter of days. The Under Armour SPORTSMASK. 

Here in Singapore, there was also a huge demand. Most felt like the UA SPORTSMASKS were intentionally designed for them, because of the mandatory use of masks and the hot climate.  

Pre-order was needed as there were really no other masks that were specifically designed for the physically active majority of Singaporeans. 

The UA SPORTSMASK were stylish, fully functional and very comfortable. Nothing literally came close to it.  Up until now. UA just dropped their 2nd gen fabric mask. Taking what everyone loved about the original, but made it 40% lighter, sleeker, and more comfortable, especially for more intense training and the heat. 

The UA Featherweight Mask. 


  • 40% Lighter 

The main difference of the featherweight mask from last year’s SPORTSMASK is the overall weight. With the featherweight SPORTSMASK losing 40% from last year, that’s a huge difference. And that is a huge reason why a SPORTSMASK upgrade is needed. 

  • New Anti-slip Nose Bridge. 

One physically distinct feature that you will closely notice on the new Featherweight SPORTSMASK is it has this new soft suede-like material in the nose area. Which feels much more secure. We’ve tried cycling and one thing we noticed is we didn’t have to adjust the mask as usual. 

  • Built-in UPF 50+ sun protection 

An overlooked feature that we wish is present on all athletic apparels. It’s good to know that you have less one thing to worry about. 


  • Iso-Chill Fabric 

Even though the Featherweight Mask is 40% lighter, it has more YA Iso-chill fabric than the 1st Gen SPORTSMASK which makes it cooler and more breathable. 

  • Comes in various size ranges. 

You can check out the official Under Armour website or our UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight product page for a detailed sizing guide. 


  • Molded and form-fitting 

The molded design holds the mask away from the mouth. 

  • Sleeker look 

Another obvious distinction is how it looks. It is less bulkier than the previous one which makes it more sporty and visually lighter. 

Conclusion: The best athletic mask in Singapore just got better. 

If you are a big fan of last year’s SPORTSMASK, then this is a necessary upgrade. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s a perfect time to try this version. 

The UA SPORTSMASK Featherweight is currently available in the Under Armour stores in Singapore and here at Ark Industries. Check out our product page if you’re interested in getting these masks for your team! Print a logo or text on the sportsmasks to make it unique for you team.


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