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In case you didn’t know, yes—you can officially embroider your company logo or name on an Under Armour polo tee Singapore suppliers offer. In fact, Ark Industries has been doing this for several years now.

We’ve embroidered a lot of official Under Armour products. A few big companies use Under Armour polo tee and bags for event giveaways and gifts that are recurring every year.

For a few people, it sounds like this is a no-brainer. “Of course it can be done!”. That’s true, even an embroidery hobbyist can do it. But what if you need a big quantity? What if you’re looking for a specialist—someone that has been doing this for years and of course, what if you want to get a huge discount when doing something like this.

Because, to be honest there are not a lot of them out there. We are one of the very few companies that are authorized as an Under Armour polo tee printing company. So it is not just embroidery but we do printing on it as well.

Under Armour Singapore does not provide this kind of service in-house, so they would pick a few trusted suppliers to work with when dealing with these kinds of orders. You can actually call Under Armour Singapore right now and ask if they will just direct you to one their trusted Under Armour polo tee printing company.

But what do you get from working with us? Well first is you are rest-assured that we are authorized by Under Armour polo tee Singapore to embellish on their products. You can check out our gallery where you will see some of the Under Armour products that we have previously done.

Easy Order Process

Also, you don’t have to go to the trouble of buying the polo tees in the retail stores or online just for you to carry them to us. You can actually check out our UA product page and see our Under Armour polo tee available and reserve the right sizes. 

At the same time you could easily speak to one of our sales managers to take care of your order. Placing a big orders could feel daunting, but here in Ark Industries, with our smooth ordering process we make sure that there won’t be issues and you get what you intend to get.


Another thing that you can get is the assurance that your polo tees will be in a good condition. Here’s a scenario. Let’s say that you bought 50 Under Armour polo tee from the retail stores that you will bring to an embroidery supplier. When something happens to your polo tees, they would not be liable to this. Even if it is clearly their fault, they might not have any policy that will protect you from this serious issue.

Making errors is definitely something that an inexperienced embroidery provider makes. That’s why for premium apparels such as these, it is definitely recommended to work with someone that you can trust.

Still talking about the same scenario, if you bring your Under Armour polo tee to some embroidery suppliers, they might reject you due to small order size or might tell you upfront that they would not be held responsible for anything that might happen to your polo even if the fault is clearly theirs.

Here at Ark Industries as an Under Armour polo tee printing company, we have a streamlined process that ensures that everything is in order, and that communication is crystal clear.

So if you are someone who does not know about the possibilities of authorized embroidery on Under Armour Polo Tees Singapore, Hurray! You are in good hands with Ark Industries!


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