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Face Mask Gifts (Personalised) for 2020

Face Masks as Gifts

Are personalised face mask gifts a good choice this year? Well, if you ask most people, any gift they receive from you is much appreciated. Especially during this pandemic with all the social distancing, the concept of gift-giving becomes extra meaningful as most people thought about their relationships and social connections deeply. 

So personalised face masks would be a good example of a thoughtful, timely and unique gift. Since it’s going to be a staple accessory from now on. From young to old, everyone has to wear a mask during this pandemic season or who knows—maybe even after. 

Now let’s go through some scenarios where a personalised face mask could be a wonderful and pleasant gift. 

A business partner that you haven’t kept in touch with for more than a year or two. 

It’s actually a good thing to strike up a conversation handing over customised face masks with their logo on it and ask how you can help or support him during these times. 

For colleagues that are out in the public. 

Some jobs really require some of us to go outside and meet people face to face even though more and more people are going for virtual meetings instead. There is still a risk and of course the need to comply during these times. And stylish customised face masks will not only make them feel safe but also feel great on how they look. They can even represent your brand by having a decent logo on the mask.  

customised face masks singapore

For Customer Service 

Customer service job requires constant face-to-face interactions even during these times and how thoughtful it would be to give them a personalised face mask that they can confidently wear on the counter or in the company property without being too worried or conscious or how they look like with a mask on. Good-looking customised face masks that are well-designed and presentable is a perfect solution for this. 

Last minute gift for a friend’s birthday. 

Birthdays, recognitions or even a long-time-no-see gift, a personalised face mask should be relevant and valuable this year. You can even throw in a hand sanitiser, a mask holder such as the C+ Taco and a short, sweet & heartfelt message in a fancy giftbox to make it more deluxe! 

For business partners who are coming to Singapore.

Singapore is doing well on its fight against Covid and time will come when travel restrictions will be lifted up across certain countries. That means, travelling will be slightly back to normal again, but one thing is for sure, mask use will still be a requirement, not only for Singapore, but also for other countries tht are opening their doors to specific countries like us. 

Christmas or New Year’s Gift (or even Chinese New Year).

Based on the previous point above, it looks like we’re still going to be donning our face masks next year. So face mask gifts for christmas will be perfect. Just make it personalised with a cool embroidery motif or their initials on it and that would be something truly special.

face mask embroidery singapore

Now those are just some ideas on why you should give out face mask gifts. So go out there and reconnect with your family, friends and business partners. A gift isn’t even necessary to be honest. Just your presence and attention is a perfect gift for anyone. 

But if you’d like to know how to give out fabric mask gifts, there will be a lot of brands out there to choose from. The important thing is it’s comfortable, it functions well and it ofcourse it should look good!  

We suggest trying out our C+ Fabric Mask for yourself and see if it’s something that you can share to your family, friends and workmates as face mask gifts.



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