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Engage our custom embroidery services in Singapore to create the best promotional clothing

Some might ask what exactly is embroidery. This is a process of sewing a design or logo directly onto the material of the garment or other fabric materials. Embroidery is widely done on garments such as polo tees, hoodies, t-shirts and uniforms.

Is embroidery an art or science?

In our humble opinion, we like to deem it as both an art and science. It is science for it entails weaving thousands stitches in a structured manner to create an end product. It is also an art for it allows our creativity to run wild, presenting a design with beauty and feelings.

What are the type of embroidery services available?

At Ark Industries, we have 4 main types of custom embroidery services for selection. They are 2D embroidery, 3D embroidery, Applique Embroidery and Badge Embroidery.

1. 2D Embroidery

2D Embroidery is a 2 dimensional process of sewing your desired design or logo directly on the garment. The versatility of direct embroidery is endless and you can have a wide range of colours in one embroidery. This is a cost effective and preferred embroidery method by most people.

2. 3D Embroidery

3D Embroidery is a technique where stitches are thickened and raised, giving a three-dimensional look and feel to the embroidery designs. 3D embroidery is commonly used on garments that do not require much washing such as caps, jackets and outerwear.

3. Applique Embroidery

Applique Embroidery is a needlework technique where patterns are created through attaching smaller pieces of fabrics to a larger piece of contrasting fabric. This technique works well for big embroideries and wordings, giving it a natural look. This technique can be used for uniforms, baseball jerseys.

4. Badge Embroidery

Badge Embroidery involves the creation of embroidery work by using a fabric backing and thread. Badge embroidery is selected to avoid sewing threads at the back of the fabric. Embroidery badges can be attached with a pin, sewn on, iron-on or heat-activated adhesive.

How does the embroidery process work?

This involves 3 steps – 1) logo preparation (digitising), 2) embroidery sampling and 1) production line.

Step 1 Logo preparation

We will review your artwork to determine if some lines or shapes have to be enlarged or thickened for it to be translated well onto the apparel. Our team will then digitise the logo to allow the embroidery machine to create the embroidery. There are a number of stitch types such as full stitch, satin stitch and running stitch. We will select the most suitable stitch type for the artwork.

Step 2 Embroidery sampling

Once the digitising file is ready, we will create an embroidery sample to ensure the artwork is translated nicely. Our team will ensure the stitches are suitable for the fabric type. Different fabrics with varying properties such as elasticity and stiffness will affect the look of the embroidery. Colours of the thread can be changed to match it accurately to the original artwork. For small text and graphic elements, stitches have to be tweaked in the software and a cut piece embroidery sample will need to be made again to ensure embroidery is neatly done.

Step 3 Production Line

Once the sample has been shown and approved, we will run the embroidery machines to create the final embellished apparels. Our QC manager will check each finished product to ensure that it is up to our stringent standards.

Getting your brand known and creating brand awareness is vital to the branding process for all companies. With so many marketing channels, one must focus on what is truly important – creating positive personalised experiences for clients. What would be a better way than to wear your brand out to meet clients to make a positive difference in their lives?

We know the importance of engaging vendors who provide reliable services. To create the best promotional clothing for your company, look no further!

At Ark Industries, as a custom printing and embroidery specialist, we strive to offer affordable embroidery services with fast turnaround time and high quality workmanship to meet your needs.

We seek to meet and exceed your expectations, delivering quality products and services on time, every time. Talk to one of us today to create the best promotional clothing to spread the good name of your company!


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