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5 ways you can customise your adidas polo tee in Singapore

Tee shirt customisation has been gaining popularity in Singapore in the recent years. On an individual level, owning a piece of t shirt or polo tee that is uniquely customised, gives the wearer a sense of pride and may even bring about positive memories. On the corporate level, customised tee shirts help to create brand awareness, forge a sense of belonging and loyalty towards the company. In particular, the adidas brand of polo tees has been one of the favourites for customisation amongst our clients.

There are 5 ways that you can customise your adidas polo tees with your desired logos. The 5 ways are namely 2D Embroidery, Applique Embroidery, Badge Embroidery, Direct Silk Screen Printing and Vinyl Printing.  Our in-house design team will review your logos and recommend the most suitable embellishment types for you to choose from.

Firstly, why adidas?

An important factor is theclimalite fabric of the adidas polo tees we offer at Ark Industries! The moisture-wicking climalite fabric, is a specially designed to tackle the sweat and heat issue experienced in warm climates. The fabric’s inner layer is polyester, while the outer layer is cotton. The polyester helps to pull sweat away from the body, to the outer cotton layer, where it is evaporated.

Additionally, the fabric is lightweight which helps reduce the heat from building up. The adidas climalite material is comfortable to wear, durable and resistant to shrinking.

Besides being made of functional fabric, some styles of adidas polo tees are created to fit Asian bodies well. adidas truly combines technology with style, making the adidas polo tees a top choice among our clients. 

Customisation Details

After choosing from our available range of adidas polo tees, the next step would be to decide how you would like to add your artwork or logos to the polos!

You can provide your artwork or logo files in vector format (.ai/.eps/.svg/editable PDFs) to us. This would allow our design team to prepare the files for embroidery or printing without the files suffering from any blurriness or pixelation.

As mentioned above, there are 5 embellishment types that you can customise your adidas polo tees with. Here are more details about 2D Embroidery, Applique Embroidery, Badge Embroidery, Direct Silk Screen Printing and Vinyl Printing:

 1) 2D Embroidery 

2D embroidery refers to the artwork, logo or text sewn directly onto the fabric. 2D embroidery, otherwise known as direct embroidery, is commonly used on apparel such as polo tees, hoodies, t-shirts and uniforms. 2D embroidery is favoured by many companies and teams as it is a cost-efficient option, which enhances the perceived value of the customised apparel. A simple 2D embroidery on the left chest of an adidas polo tee makes a classic and smart corporate tee for your employees and staff!

2) Appliqué Embroidery  

The key difference between 2D embroidery and appliqué embroidery is the amount of thread details you see on the underside of the garment. Appliqué embroidery can be simply explained as one piece of fabric sewn on top of another fabric. This results in a neat underside where you will not see the ends of the embroidered logo’s threads. A common use of appliqué embroidery is of big numbers on the back of sports jerseys.

3) Badge Embroidery
There are 2 types of embroidery badges:

• Full embroidery badges
These badges are filled entirely with thread to form a fully-stitched background that logos are embroidered on.

• Fabric embroidery badges
These badges are made of a piece of a fabric, with a logo embroidered on it.

Embroidery badges can be sewn directly on the garment, it can also be sewn onto garments using the appliqué embroidery method. Customers favour the appliqué embroidery method for a neater look on the underside of the garment.

Embroidery badges can be attached with a pin, sewn on, iron-on or heat-activated adhesive. Embroidery badges are commonly used by uniformed organisations and sports teams.

4) Direct Silkscreen Printing

Direct silkscreen printing is also commonly referred to as screen printing. Screens are mesh sheets stretched on a frame, the artwork or logo is then burned onto the mesh sheets using a photo emulsion, light and heat process. This results in a stencil effect on the screen, which is then used to allow ink to pass through onto the garments.

Direct silkscreen printing is very cost and time efficient, especially for higher quantity print orders. It’s vibrant colours and durability makes it a popular choice amongst our customers.

5) Vinyl Printing  

Vinyl printing involves a machine, called a plotter. The plotter uses a sharp blade to cut your logos out of a roll of vinyl material. This technique is commonly used for designs that has 1 solid colour. Vinyl material is available in special patterns and effects too! Make your designs more attractive with metallic colours, perforated patterns, camouflage prints or the 3M Scotchlite Reflective vinyl.

The vinyl is cut to shape and weeded manually from the vinyl sheet (to remove the unwanted parts) before being transferred to the garment using a heat press machine.

Having learnt about the 5 ways to customise adidas polo tee, let’s start to turn your ideas into reality. At Ark Industries, we are a adidas polo tee distributor in Singapore with an in-house printing and embroidery capability. When you order customised adidas polo tees or personalised adidas tee shirt from us, you can be assured that quality is our top priority.

Send us a message below or contact us via phone +65 63520988 or email us at to find our how to get started on customising adidas polo tees.


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