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Custom t shirts for Dragon boat teams in Singapore

Your dragon boat team has been training hard for this race season. Consider building up the team morale and identity with custom t shirts that look good at the race site. Enhance your team’s presence at the race and look united as one, with customised tee shirts designed with eye catching graphics or slogans!

Dress for success, not only at races but also at dragon boat training sessions. A team t shirt that your paddlers feel proud to wear and feel that they look good as a team wearing it, can have a positive psychological impact on priming your team’s mental state. Good customised tee shirts for dragon boat teams can foster a deeper sense of unity and unity can power up the team’s motivation to succeed.

If you do not have a graphic designer in your team, our in-house designers can work with you to create visually pleasing designs for your customised tee shirts

Building a cohesive team identity across all your team’s merchandise and collaterals is important. It helps each dragon boat team to stand out and appear as a strong, unified group of paddlers. The power of unity is well embraced in the core of the dragon boating sport. Increasing the synergy and positive mindset amongst the teams is well known to enhance their performance at races.

What makes a good customised t shirt for your dragon boat team?

1. The material of the t shirt

The material of the t shirt must be suitable for those long hours of practice sessions out on the waters! The custom t shirt must be quick drying and lightweight so that it leaves the paddlers feeling light and dry to perform better. For t shirts that feature fabric designed for sports, be sure to consider a customised adidas polo tee or a customised Under Armour running tee. Their moisture wicking fabrics are fantastic for sports teams!

2. The cutting of the t shirt

The t shirt’s panels should be created with the concern for sports performance in mind. The t shirt’s cutting should ideally allow for a 2, or even better, 4 way stretch for the dragon boat paddler to train comfortably in. The custom tee’s fit should not be too tight which constraints the paddler’s movements.

3. The design and colours of the t shirt

The aesthetics of the t shirt is a fantastic way for dragon boat teams to express their team spirit! The identity of each dragon boat team is unique and should be expressed through their own unique set of colours, graphic elements and text.

Once the 1st design of team t shirts is ready, you can choose to apply it across many other apparel types such as singlets, polo tees, jackets and caps!

Here are some tips to customise t shirt printing for your dragon boat team:

  • Consider big, bold motivating text on the back of your team’s tee

If you have a smaller team of 12-15 people, for cost effectiveness, choose to use vinyl printing to print a team slogan on the back of the tees! For bigger teams with more than 22 people, we recommend going for the silkscreen printing method for prints on the back of the tees.

  • Choose tees from top international brands, adidas, Under Armour or Puma

We highly recommend dragon boat teams to wear quality apparel from brands such as adidas, Under Armour or Puma. These international brands have design teams who have factored in athlete’s requirements into their designs of the t shirts. Additionally, being associated with the values that these well-known brands believe in, your dragon boat paddlers will feel more empowered in their pursuit of excellence.

  • Consider customised polo tees for your dragon boat team for casual days out

A smart-looking adidas, Under Armour or Puma polo tee with embroidery of your team logo will be a great addition to your team’s merchandise! Paddlers can wear these polo tees for events such as recruitment days, Annual General Meetings (AGM) or even for awards presentations!

Dragon boat teams work hard as a team and should look good while achieving their goals together. Here at Ark Industries, we are committed to working with our customers to help them look good in customised tee shirts with high quality embroideries and prints.

Contact us to create your unique set of dragon boat team apparel! There are many options for you in custom t shirt printing, call us at +65 6352 0988 or email us at info@ark.sg.


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