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Embroidery Service

Embroidery is a method that uses needle and thread to embellish fabrics. Many companies, organisations and clubs customise their apparel with embroidery of logos, text and artwork. Embroidery provides a higher perceived value and does not go out of shape or lose its colour brilliance easily.

We provide embroidery services for a wide range of apparel. T-shirts, polo t-shirts, button shirts, chef jackets, hoodies, caps and bags are generally able to be embroidered on. Many companies choose to customise their workwear uniforms with embroidery as it is durable and looks professional. Choose to embroider on various positions of the apparel, such as the left and right chest of tops or front and back panels of caps!

Types of Embroidery

There are many types of embroidery services including 2D embroidery, 3D embroidery, badge embroidery, etc. 2D Embroidery, can also be referred to as flat embroidery. The stitches are made directly onto the apparel. For 3D embroidery, the stitches are thickened and heightened to create a 3 dimensional look.

An option available is to get embroidery badges made. Embroidery badges can be machine stitched or appliquéd on to the garment or as a separate badge. Embroidery or heat press printing can be done on the badges before they are stitched on garments.


Factors affecting cost of Embroidery Service

• Digitising:

Digitising a soft-copy logo creates a version of the logo suitable for embroidery machines to read. Good digitising creates good embroidery. With a clear, high resolution soft-copy logo file, the digitiser will be able to create a better embroidery file. The digitiser’s knowledge of thread’s characteristics and the different types of stitches will greatly affect the final outcome.

As each logo has to be processed by a digitiser, who plans out the direction of the threads in a specialised software, the complexity of the logo will determine the amount of work that is required. The digitising fee will then vary depending on the number of details in the logo. This is referred to as the set-up cost.

Once the set-up is done for your logo, it will be saved in our records as part of our embroidery service. The next time you have any orders with the same logo, there will be no set-up fee required.

There are a few types of stitches such as:

• Tatami stitches Used to cover larger areas, also referred to as the “Fill” stitches

• Running stitches Single line of stitching used for outlines and details

• Satin stitches Zigzag stitches made close to one another, creates thicker, solid look Great for lettering!

Through the process of digitising, the stitch types are determined. Adjustments and changes will be made after a few rounds of samples made.

Embroidery and Printing on same garment

It is common for a piece of garment to have both embroidery and printing done on it. For example, embroidery of the company logo is done on the left chest while the text or artwork is silkscreen printed on the back of the garment. For further customisation, you may choose to embroider or heat press names onto the sleeves of the garment.

Embroidery is a great choice for bulk orders and for uniforms as they are long-lasting. We use premium thread from Madeira which guarantees vibrant colours and durability!


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