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Custom embroidery services in Singapore not just for t-shirts and polos

Custom embroidery services in Singapore is the art of beautifying an item with needles and threads. The most popular items used for custom embroidery services are polo tees and event tee shirts. Whether embroidering corporate logos on corporate tees for corporate branding purposes and building employees’ loyalty or embroidering the name of an event and tagline on event tee shirts for running an event, Ark Industries has the solutions for you.

Beyond polo tee and event tee shirts, custom embroidery services in Singapore is highly versatile and can be done on caps, jackets and bags as well. The results of each embroidery depends on factors such as: Fabric of apparel, size of the logo, details of the logo, the way the logo is digitised for embroidery and craftsmanship in working with the embroidery machine and equipment. 

What are some of the advantages of custom embroidery services by Ark Industries in Singapore?

1) High Quality

We use highly specialised embroidery machines from renowned companies, Barudan and Tajima which originate from Japan. These machines ensure high accuracy and produce beautifully stitched embroideries. Complementing the high quality machines, we choose to use Madeira threads to produce high quality embroideries for our customers. This ensures that the colours of the embroidery will remain vibrant even after multiple washes. With our quality checks and high attention to detail, we seek to produce embroideries on custom apparel that our customers feel confident wearing.

2) Durable

With high quality custom embroidery services in Singapore, the embroideries can last for a long time (even after multiple washes) and can withstand heat. Hence, the wearer is able to wear the custom apparel for many times without having to worry about colour fading and thread deterioration. As a result, our customers reap the benefits of high value for money!

3) Unique Designs

With our custom embroidery services in Singapore, you are able to curate your own design with the help of our in-house design team. You can choose to embroider on many positions on a piece of apparel, such as the sleeves, collars, front and back positions.

In addition, you can do apparel customisation with many colours of your choice! Once the design is finalised, our production team will be able help bring the ideas to life and get it embroidered onto your jackets. You are ready to impress the crowd with your very own customised apparel.

Make your designs even more unique by combining 2D and 3D embroidery techniques. Our Production Manager can work with you to make your designs stand out!

What are the types of custom embroidery services in Singapore?

There are 4 types of custom embroidery services in Singapore. They are namely: 2D Embroidery, 3D Embroidery, Badge Embroidery and Applique Embroidery.

• 2D Embroidery

2D Embroidery is the process of sewing the design or logo directly into the material of the fabric materials. This is cost effective and thus one of the most popular methods.

• 3D Embroidery

3D Embroidery is a technique where stitches are thickened and raised, giving a 3 dimensional look to embroidery designs or logo. If you would like something outstanding, choose 3D Embroidery.

• Badge Embroidery

An embroidered badge created by stitching the design on a piece of fabric before being trimmed to shape and sewn onto the apparel. This is selected to avoid sewing threads at the back of the fabric. Embroidery badges do not have to be sewn on the apparel directly, they can be attached to the apparel by an iron-on adhesive and even with a pin!

• Applique Embroidery

Applique Embroidery is a technique where patterns are created through attaching smaller pieces of fabric to a larger piece of contrasting fabric. This technique works well for large embroideries and wordings giving a natural look.

Embroidery on a Wide Range of Apparel

Embroidery can be done on many types of apparel, not limited to just t-shirts and polo tees! However, even within the category of t-shirts and polo tees, you can choose from:

• T-shirts
Sleeves: Regular Sleeves, Raglan Sleeves, 3/4 Sleeves, Long Sleeves
Collars: V-neck, Round Neck
Material: Cotton, Polyester, Blend of Polyester and Cotton

• Polo Tees
Collars: Mock neck, Zip Neck, Mandarin Collar, Buttoned-down Collars, Knitted Collars
Body Panels can be customised too! An example is to have contrasting side panel material with the main front and back body panels. Side panels can be a mesh while the body panels can be of a polyester interlock fabric.

• Caps
Choose from many different styles of caps! Regular 6 panel baseball caps, 5 panel caps, trucker caps, snapback caps, dad hats, visors and bucket hats!

• Bags
Embroider on sackpacks, drawstring bags, tote bags, duffel bags, backpacks, golf bags, cooler bags and small pouches!

• Towels
Consider embroidering on towels! Hand towels, bath towels, yoga towels, handkerchiefs or pocket squares can be embroidered on.

A wide variety of apparel can be embroidered on! Let us know your requirements and  we can assist your accordingly. With knowledge of the benefits of custom embroidery services in Singapore and the types of custom embroidery services in Singapore, you are ready to create your very own custom embroidery on your preferred items! Speak to one of us today at 63520988 or email us at info@ark.sg.


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