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Celebrities & Their Adidas Links

Sports apparel companies, like adidas, sponsor famous athletes that reflect the characteristics of adidas and make good ambassadors of its brand values. The athlete wearing the brand apparel, such as the adidas jersey, adidas polo tee and adidas running tee, is an extension of the entirety of the brand.

The character of the athlete can be seen in the athlete’s sporting achievements, attitude in trainings and how they perform in competitions. Outside of the competitive arena, the athlete should display values that align with the brand sponsor. The athlete must match the brand well to be an ideal ambassador of the brand.

The positive brand association of the athlete and the adidas brand can boost brand loyalty and popularity amongst consumers. The athletes showcase new products through various media channels such as social media platforms and as the athletes use the brand’s products, the brand will gain more visibility.

Here are 3 famous celebrity athletes that are sponsored by adidas. 

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  1. Lionel Messi

Perhaps you remember the Argentina Home Jersey 2018-19 – Lionel Messi wore the iconic Messi Number 10, blue and white vertical stripes adidas jersey.

Since 2006, Lionel Messi has been linked with adidas and in 2017, Lionel Messi signed a lifetime contract with adidas.

Messi is widely regarded as one of the world’s top soccer players from FC Barcelona. As of 2019, the Argentinian star has won the Ballon d’Or awards 6 times, the most prestigious award for soccer players.

A climalite or climacool adidas jersey or running tee suits him perfectly when he plays in hotter climates. adidas apparel technology such as the popular, climalite and climacool fabrics, are superior in moisture and heat management. The climalite or climacool fabric pulls sweat effectively away from his body, which leaves him feeling cool and dry for a longer period of time. The regular cut, wider at the chest and a straight cut silhouette of the adidas jerseys, allows Messi to move freely in all directions on the field or in trainings.

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2. David Beckham

David Beckham signed a lifetime deal with adidas in 2003.

Beckham is well known across the globe for being a soccer star in the teams Manchester United and Real Madrid. He is an outstanding midfielder, known for his awesome free kicks and long-range goals.

Beckham has made the adidas soccer boots “Predator” series famous by scoring goals in high profile matches. His achievements has been associated with the well designed “Predator” boots and have boosted the popularity of adidas.

Both Messi and Beckham are soccer superstars, by using the adidas climalite and climacool fabric technologies to help regulate their body heat and perspiration in their maths and trainings, they can focus on their goals with more ease.

In March 2020, Beckham promoted the ‘READY’ adidas performance clothing range that uses fabric technology and good design to assist athletes to perform better in all weather conditions.

3. Ana Ivanovic

Apart from sponsorships within the soccer world, adidas also signed other top athletes such as tennis female star, Ana Ivanovic, who was ranked Number 1 in 2008 and retired from professional tennis in 2016. Having represented adidas in her professional tennis career, she continues to do so after retirement, participating in programs and initiatives organised by adidas, such as promoting the eco-friendly apparel collections.

The adidas Excellence

Represented by celebrity athletes such as Messi, Beckham and Ivanovic, the adidas brand has strengthened their brand image by associating themselves with such high performance and excellent athletes.

adidas’ pursuit of excellence in creating quality products, gives us a piece of mind that when we buy adidas, it is always made and designed well – whether it is the Adidas jersey, adidas running tee or adidas polo tee!

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