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Brand Spotlight: Under Armour Singapore

When it comes to trusted apparel brands in Singapore, Under Armour is one of those on the top. Under Armour Singapore opened its first store in 2014. It continued to expand over the years, seeking to bring added value into the athletic apparel industry. Ark Industries eventually became an Under Armour distributor in Singapore.

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The impressive thing is that this American apparel brand just started in 1996. Now, it is competing head to head with the likes of Adidas and Nike in terms of sales and sponsorships. But what else do you know about this brand? Aside from The Rock endorsing Under Armour or Under Armour Polo tees that have HeatGear properties?

In this edition of our Brand Spotlight, as an Under Armour distributor, we will share with you 8 things that you might not know about the brand.

  1. Under Armour was started by Steven Plank in the basement of his grandmother’s house. He was faced with the problem of soaked and drenched apparels when he was playing American Football. Plank started with the intention of producing an apparel that wicks moisture away from the body and that dries fast. This led to the well-known HeatGear Tech that is used to make Under Armour Polo Tees and Under Armour Running Tees.
  2. In the beginning, Kevin Plank wanted to name the brand “Heart”. Reason being, he wanted to convey a brand as if you are wearing your heart on your sleeve. But unfortunately, his brand name application was denied. His 2nd choice was “Body Armor” but was denied as well. Then one day, his brother asked him how he’s company “Under Armour” is doing. Kevin Plank didn’t know if his brother was just playing with him but then realized that the name has a nice ring to it. Plank stuck with it. Imagine how the “Heart” or “Brand Armor” would look like on the now Under Armour Polo tees that everyone is wearing!
  3. Did you ever wonder why the “Armour” in Under Armour is spelt that way? Well the story was that the toll-free vanity number for Under Armor was unavailable but the “Under Armour” still was. He also thought that the  888-4RMOUR was much more compelling than 888-44ARMOR.
  4. A few years ago, we started seeing a lot of Under Armour products not just on the streets but also from product placements on the big screen. Remember the Under Armour Running Tee that Captain America is wearing on the first scene of The Winter Soldier? Movies such as Marvel’s the Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and The Fast and the Furious showcased their awesome-looking apparels. The first movie that they ever did a product placement in, was in the movie “Any Given Sunday”. Jamie Foxx wore an Under Armour football jersey back in 1999.
  5. In year 2000, Under Armour spent a huge amount of money (where the company bank account once read $0). They decided to run a half-page ad in an ESPN magazine. But it was proven to be a smart decision, as their Under Armour running tees and apparel skyrocketed that year! That led to selling internationally and having Under Armour Singapore.

6. Under Armour prioritised women’s first with their first ever patent was for a sports bra. (Side note: If you’re interested on UA sports bra, you can check out the official Under Armour Singapore website at www.underarmour.com.sg

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7. Nike got Steph Curry’s name wrong and this could’ve been one of the reasons why Under Armour was able to get him as the face of the brand. Along with how Under Armour pursued and built the relationship with him, getting Steph Curry to join the brand is win-win.

Under Armour’s demographic is a good balance between 53 percent men and 47 percent women. And 67% of their revenue comes from Under Armour Polo Tees and Under Armour running tees (in short, the performance apparels)

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