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Benefit from our custom embroidery services! (3 reasons why embroidery is popular)

Whether it is for corporate branding, personal branding, team-building or celebrating an occasion, custom embroidery services is the top choice for many. Embroidery services on polo tee and other tee shirt makes the wearer look professional and smart. We are going to share with you 3 reasons why our embroidery services is so popular in Singapore and beyond. 

High Quality

At Ark Industries, we use highly specialised embroidery machines from renowned makers in Japan, Barudan and Tajima. We use high quality thread from Madeira, a German manufacturer of threads. This ensures that the colours of the embroidery will remain vibrant even after multiple washes. Well-defined embroidery logos and text on custom apparel, reflects well on the wearer and the company he or she represents.


With high quality custom embroidery services, the design can last for a long time (even after multiple washes) and can withstand heat. Hence, the wearer is able to wear the polo tee for many times without having to worry about replacement. As a result, wearer will enjoy some cost savings in the long run.


With our custom embroidery services, you are able to curate your own design with the help of our in-house design team. You can choose to embroider on many positions on the polo tee such as left or right chest, sleeves, upper back and even the corner of the collar. In addition, you can do apparel customisation with many colours of your choice! Once the design is finalised, our production team will be able help bring the ideas to life and get it embroidered onto your polo tee. You are ready to impress the crowd with your very own customised tee shirt!

Now that you are aware of the benefits of our custom embroidery services, next step would be to understand more about our embroidery process. This entails 3 steps: 1) Design Preparation (Digitalising), 2) Embroidery Sampling and 3) Production.

Firstly, for Design Preparation, we will review your design to determine if some lines or shapes have to be enlarged or thickened for it be translated well onto the apparel. Our team will then digitise the logo to plan out the stitches to allow the embroidery machine to create the embroidery. There are a number of stitch types, such as the full stitch, satin stitch and running stitch. Our digitiser will select the most suitable stitch type for the design at this stage.

Secondly, on embroidery sampling, once the digitising file is ready, we will run it to create an embroidery sample to ensure the design is translated nicely. At the sampling stage, our team will ensure that the stitches are suitable for the fabric type of the apparel. Different fabrics with varying properties such as elasticity and stiffness, will affect the look of the embroidery. Colours of the thread can be changed to match the original design. For small text and graphic elements, stitches have be tweaked in the digitising software further and a cut piece embroidery sample will need to be made again to ensure that the embroidery is neatly done.

Finally, for production, once the sample has been shown and approved by client, we will run the embroidery machines to create the final embellished apparel. Our Quality Control manager will check each finished product to ensure that it is up to our stringent standards.

With greater understanding of the benefits of our custom embroidery services and the embroidery process, you are now ready to create your very own customised apparel which can be polo tee or other tee shirt. Get in touch with us today at 63520988 or info@ark.sg to turn your ideas into reality!


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