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3 Reasons to Choose adidas For Your Next Customised Polo Tee

With a myriad of choices available, you might feel lost and wonder where should you be getting your customised polo tees from and which brand you should decide on. We would like to share with you a strong brand that provides the solution that you are looking for – adidas. A customised adidas Singapore polo tee will definitely be a great choice, as it prides itself on a history of innovation and focus on performance apparel.

adidas was started by Adolf Dassler in his mother’s house. During the early days, Dassler focused on the development of spiked running shoes for athletic events. The adidas shoes came into the spotlight when US sprinter Jesse Owens wore the handmade footwear at the 1936 Summer Olympics and won four gold medals. The adidas brand has not looked back ever since. Since then adidas expanded its range of products to include apparels, accessories and sportswear for multiple sports such as golf, tennis and many others.

What’s with all the buzz around adidas? We believe that adidas has established itself to be a trusted brand amongst all who engage in sports activities. Let us share with you 3 reasons why should choose adidas for your next customised Polo Tee.

Reason #1:climalite Fabric keeps you cool and dry

When we are out and about, engaging in our daily activities, after a period of time we will perspire and the perspiration will seep through our attire leaving us feeling sticky and wet in the humid climate of Singapore. This is both annoying and uncomfortable. The adidas apparel solves our pain point! The adidas Polo tee and adidas running tee Singapore ranges are made of climalite fabric – a type of moisture wicking fabric that sweeps sweat away from our body and to keep us dry every step of the way

”Adidas Polo tee is made of climalite fabric

Reason #2 Asian Cut

In addition, there are ranges of adidas Polo tees which are available in Asian cut. This makes it suitable for most Asian body built. We all have the experience of wearing a tee that is too loose on shoulder or too tight on the chest. The Asian cut of the adidas Polo tees will help to mitigate this as it is designed to fit Asian bodies well

Adidas Polo tee is available in Asian cut

Reason #3 Durability

The adidas Polo tee is durable as well. When we buy a polo tee that we like, we want it to endure the test of time and last even after multiple washes. The adidas Polo will suit our need in this aspect. It is resistant to shrinking and stretching. This allows us to wear our favourite polo tee over a prolong period of time and let us enjoy some savings in the long run.  

Now that we have strong reasons to select adidas polo tees for customisation, the next step would be to choose a service provider that does quality customisation. Where should you go to? Look no further, at Ark Industries we have the one-stop solution that you are looking for. We are the adidas polo tee corporate distributor in Singapore. You can get customised adidas polo tees from us – as well as embroider or print your logos on various positions!

Ark Industries provides embroidery and printing services on Adidas Polo Tee

Over the years since 2005, Ark Industries has grown to be a reliable apparel customisation company. We have grown from a small company that provides only embroidery and printing services to one with an in-house design team and has served many recognised clients. We seek to provide a holistic service to our clients. We know how short lead times and affordable prices are important. Talk to one of us today to get your customised adidas Polo Tee, we are most happy to assist you!


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