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Adidas golf polos for golf enthusiasts in Singapore

Adidas golf polos for golf enthusiasts in Singapore

In Sunny Singapore where weather can vary from a low of 24 degrees to a high of 36 degrees with high humidity levels at around 60%, it is important to have the right attire on. This is especially so when we are playing outdoor sports and will be under the sun for long periods of time. Particularly, when playing golf, a player spends an average of five to five and half hours under the unforgiving sun!

To beat the heat, we highly recommend the adidas brand of adidas polo tees. adidas golf polo tees are designed to be worn during such a hot weather to help you to perform at your optimal level. Adidas golf polo tees comes in various types of sweat-wicking fabric such as “climalite” and “climacool” fabrics. Both are good for our weather with “climacool” having more functions than the other. In this article, we will focus on adidas golf polo tee’s “climalite” function – which includes useful properties such as moisture wicking, anti-microbial, anti-pilling and anti-odor.

Moisture wicking is the function where by the adidas golf polo tee’s material is able to absorb your perspiration and allows it to dry off quickly, disbursing it back into the environment, preventing the storage of perspiration in the material. Keeping you as dry as possible under the harsh sunny and humid conditions.

There are various adidas golf stores where you are able to purchase the adidas golf polo tees, as well as adidas running tees. You can consider purchasing adidas golf polos from Ark Industries who is given permission for adidas polo tee distribution in Singapore.

Ark Industries carries a range of adidas golf polo tees which can be bought in bulk which is available for use in corporate events, like golf charity events, company team building or simply as a company polo tee. Ark Industries has the ability to apply embellishments such as embroidery, digital and silkscreen printing on these adidas golf polo tees. Being the adidas golf polo tee distributor, Ark Industries is recognized by adidas Singapore Pte Ltd as the embroidery and printing company to go to.

Ark Industries has the experience in various types of embroidery to be applied to the adidas golf polo tees. As these polo tees exist in various material mixtures and texture, it will require an experienced team to work on them to have the best possible brand representation through high quality prints and embroideries.

An alternative use of the adidas golf polo tee will be to use them as corporate polo tees where companies are able to co-brand the adidas golf polo tees with their own company logos or event logos. Such as having the company logo embroidered on the left chest and adidas logo being present on the sleeve.

For some events, there will be multiple corporate logos and that can be done in a combination of embroidery and digital / silkscreen printing – such as having embroidery on the front chest position and sleeve positions and having a large digital / silkscreen print on the back of the adidas golf polo tee.

Another example of how adidas polo tees can be used in events is in the motor racing arena. Motor racing teams are subjected to the race track temperature which is always one to two degrees higher than actual environment’s temperature, it is important that the pit crew and drivers remain cool and comfortable while assisting or preparing for the race.

Contact Ark Industries to order your custom adidas polo tees – whether they are intended to be worn by golf players or as a uniform for companies, the adidas quality will not disappoint. Call us at +65 63520988, email us at info@ark.sg or send us a message via the form below to find out more.


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