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5 Tips To Ace Your Marathon

For many runners, the desire to do a marathon is all about personal challenge. Maybe you want to test your limits and go the distance, lose weight to be healthier or raise awareness for a charity. Whatever your reason is, hold on to it and remind yourself of it often during the months that lies ahead. With that being said, we would like to share with you 5 tips on how to ace your marathon.

1. Proper Warm Ups and Cool Downs

A simple one to start with, but often neglected by a lot of runners. The old school warm up approach is to stretch your calves and quadriceps before running. However, over the years, it is discovered that we should only stretch after getting our muscles warmed up! This is to ensure you are not stretching the muscles when they are cold. Try dynamic warm up exercises such as jumping jacks and leg pendulums, will get your muscles loose and warm, ready for action.

After the marathon, when your muscles are warm and there is good blood flow, cool down to reduce heart rate and to calm your breath. Static stretch exercises such as the thigh hug, are important to prevent tightening of muscles which might affect your running strides in future. Give enough time for a good cool down and avoid rushing through the stretches.

2. Prepare Your Race Clothing

Early in the week before your race, wash and inspect your entire race outfit to ensure that they are ready.

  • Socks: Do your socks still hold up? Because you don’t want to wear socks that do not fit snugly and provide comfort. If you need a new pair, now is the time to get then from the store. Ensure that your socks provide good breathability and protects you from abrasions or pressure caused by your shoes.
  • Shoes: Check the soles of your shoes, are they attached well and show no signs of falling off? Is there ample cushioning left? Tip: Avoid wearing new shoes for your marathon! If you have to replace your shoes, make sure you get a couple of runs in the new pair before wearing them for your actual marathon.
  • Shorts: Should you choose pants over shorts? or shorts over pants? Consider the weather conditions of the actual race. Experiment with compression pants, shorts, shorts over compression pants during your trainings, choose 1 and make sure you wear the same type for trainings and for the actual marathon.
  • Shirt: Choose a top that will work best for the highest temperature prediction as staying cool is a priority and you will heat up during the race. Choose the right fabric that wicks sweat fast and keep you dry during your run. A perfect companion would be the adidas running tee or Under Armour running tee. We will talk about what makes a good running tee in the later section.

3. Set A Goal 

The most critical part is to be realistic. Look back at your most recent result, your current health and your future schedule and set a goal that challenges you, but one that is also a stepping stone to bigger goals later.  Running a few shorter races 5Ks, 10Ks, or even a half marathon is an excellent way to prepare physically and mentally for a first marathon

4. Pre-Race Hydration

Make sure you are well-hydrated prior to the start of the race. Drink lots of water during the week before the race. This optimizes your hydration before you hit the starting line.

5. GPS Running Watch

Running watches are one of the best investments a runner can make. Most GPS running watches can record your heart rate, speed, elevation, location, how far you have ran, which mile you run the quickest, and so on. Also, for runners who are interested in conditioning themselves for long distance races or as part of a marathon run, having the ability to measure heart rate is a true game changer. 

Let’s move on to share about what makes a good running T shirt

Human beings like style. The clothing we feel comfortable and good about wearing is fundamental to boosting our confidence and self-esteem. Style helps us to express ourselves as individuals, explore different aspects of our personality, and have a unique way of presenting ourselves in public.

Firstly, when buying a running top, it ought to be moisture wicking so that it can wick sweat away from your body and keeps you cool and dry. Secondly, it should be breathable and lightweight for extra comfort. Thirdly, it should be stretchy to support full range of motion.

The next question to ask would be where to order good quality and stylish running tees in Singapore?

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