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5 tips for creating eye-catching custom company tshirts in Singapore

Every brand and company wants to be seen in a positive light but some brands wants to take the different approach and they don’t just want to be seen. Brands want to grab attention, spark an interest and to be on everyone’s minds. Because sometimes, looking good isn’t enough. Your custom t shirt needs to have that extra kick to get your brand glued to every one’s memory! So how do you create eye-catching custom t shirts in Singapore? Here are 5 things that you should consider!

1. T shirt Colours

If we’re talking about eye-catching, the first thing that comes to mind are colours. It’s true that being colourful is eye-catching but if it’s not done tastefully, it will be painful to look at and may cause heads to look the other way.

Good colour combinations between custom t shirts and prints are very important so it’s good to know which combination works well. Now, this doesn’t mean that black and white colours are not eye-catching. With the right composition, this basic two-tone combination could sometimes be a better option, depending on the context. If you like to know more about this for your brand, you could work with Ark’s Design Team for suggestions and advice.

2. Branded Tshirts

If your customised t shirt is branded, chances are big that it will get into a lot of people’s radar. First impressions are already formed when you wear that Under Armour running tee or Under Armour polo tee with your logo on the left chest. An event name with your company logo at the back of your adidas running tee or adidas polo tee can help you to be easily associated with premium quality, functionality and good taste!

3. T shirt Styles

There are actually many different kinds of custom t shirts available in Singapore. Of course there’s the standard round neck plain t-shirt but you can spice it up with a heather pattern to give it a distinct look. Aside from those, you can go for long sleeve tees, Ringer tees or Raglan Tees. 

Ark Industries has a wide colour selection for these different styles of custom t shirts, just give us a buzz for a catalogue.

  1. Artwork
    An important consideration for when you want an eye-catching print, is whether your artwork is eye-catching. Because there’s only so much you can do with a fixed artwork. If you are flexible and open to new ideas and collaboration, you can try discussing it with our Sales and Design teams to maximize the design and printing opportunity for your custom t shirt!
  2. Fully Customised T-shirt
    Lastly, if you really want to push the limits of your custom t shirt design into full gear, what we can advise to you is to do a fully customised t-shirt. You can pick a specific Pantone for the colour, you can choose the type of fabric that you want or you could even do an overall graphic print using sublimation print. Do take note that this might cost a lot both on time and money but it definitely is well worth it.

So those are the 5 tips that you can consider when making and eye-catching custom T shirts in Singapore. If you would like to work with us on this, please don’t hesitate on reaching us through email (info@ark.sg) or giving us a call at  +65 6352 0988. Here at Ark Industries, we specialise on doing embroidery and printing on corporate branded apparels such as an Under Armour running tee or an adidas running tee.


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