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5 reasons why Singapore custom embroidery services are sought after

What is embroidery? Embroidery entails the sewing of personalised designs or logos into material of the garment or other fabric materials. This is commonly used on garments such as polo tees, hoodies, windbreakers, uniforms and even caps. If you are looking to customise polo tees or round neck tees for your company events, gatherings, social causes or personal branding, Singapore custom embroidery services is the preferred option for most. There are several reasons why this is the service of choice.

1. Branding

Many prefer custom embroidery services because of branding. For companies, it is vital to build a strong brand to rise above the noises and build meaningful relationship with customers. A strong brand is etched into the minds of customers. It is brought to mind as the provider of a solution to customers’ problem. A strong brand gives a clear image of what it stands for, adds credibility to the products and services that it provides, forge an emotional connection with customers, creates loyalty and motivates customers to make a purchase. Custom embroidery services provide high quality finishing to a personalized apparel. This creates a higher perceived value for both the apparel and the brand that it represents.   


2. Clean and professional look

In addition, custom embroidery creates a clean and professional look for your company’s or team’s apparels. This in turn boost the morale of your colleagues or teammates and encourage them to wear it out more often. Hence, custom embroidery is often used for creating corporate uniforms and event tees. It not only makes wearer looks good and feels good inside out, it also leaves a lasting impression for stakeholders and even strangers.  

3. Versatile

Besides that, custom embroidery is also highly versatile. Some may believe that custom embroidery will be restricted in the selection of materials and fabrics which can be embroidered on. Time to bust the myth! Embroidery is more than that. It can be done on cotton tees, denim tees, track jackets, sweatshirts, pants, bags, pouch, golf bags, aprons or even caps! With custom embroidery, the options for catchy, mobile billboards are endless.

4. Durable

On top of that, custom embroidery is durable and lasting. Your design will remain intact for years to come. Unlike other methods of customised services, which can fade with age and wash cycles, embroidery has the potential to last for a long time.

5. Personalisation

Lastly, custom embroidery adds a touch of personalisation to your apparel. You may embroider the name of your colleagues or teammates onto the apparel of choice. The item becomes something unique and personal and creates positive feelings. This is also great for frontline staffs for helps to make a good first impression with your customers. Custom embroidery services is the preferred option for people from all walks of life!

With so many benefits, there is no reasons to doubt that Singapore custom embroidery services is preferred by most people. If you are looking to do custom embroidery in Singapore, we have the solutions for you at Ark Industries, a local company since 2005.

Our embroidery is done by our production team in Singapore and carefully supervised by an experienced team of designers, digitizers and quality control managers. This means that you enjoy affordable and quality embroidery services at a short lead time. Our team of embroidery experts and designers goes the extra mile to ensure that your embroidered apparel looks amazing. If you are still unsure what works best for you, speak to one of us today and find out what we think could be the best option for you.


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