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5 Different Types of Customised Caps

Looking to order customised caps for your event, team, club or company?
Here’s an informative page to find out more about cap customisation options available at Ark Industries in Singapore.

We are the official South East Asia distributor of Yupoong caps. Yupoong caps are of premium quality and we are proud to offer them to our customers.

Firstly, Who is Yupoong?
Yupoong is a Korean company, established in 1974 and regarded as a pioneer in caps manfacturing. If you love wearing caps, you would have seen these well-made Flexfit® caps around. Yupoong created the Flexfit® cap which has a signature patented elastic fit technology.

Yupoong has factories with their own facilities for production of their high quality caps. It is trusted by international brands such as Billabong and Puma, who have worked with Yupoong to produce stylish caps that fit well.

Yupoong caps are available for customisation at Ark Industries.  You can create your own customised caps in Singapore.

There are 2 ways to customise your Yupoong caps.
1. Choose from a wide range of blank cap styles to apply your logos
2. Fully customise your caps from scratch

Blank Caps
Choose from a wide range of blank cap styles, such as:
1. Snapback caps (1 colour or 2-tones colour)
2. Fitted baseball caps (comes in different sizes, non-adjustable)
3. Trucker caps
4. Water-repellent baseball caps
6. 5 or 6 panel caps
7. Caps with special visors (made of cork, floral or camoflage prints)
8. Jockey caps
9. Dad hats
10.  Visors

Types of Customised Caps
Here are 5 types of customised caps that you can order.

1. Caps with 3D Embroidery on the Front
3D Embroidery, also known as Puff Embroidery, looks great on the front of a cap! Bold text and big shapes are the most suitable for 3D Embroidery. If the design of your logo allows, our embroidery digitiser might even suggest for a combination of 2D and 3D embroidery to enhance the look of the cap.

2. Full Sublimation Caps

Fully cover your caps with patterns! Artwork is printed using the sublimation method onto the fabric sheets,  before being cut and stitched together to form a cap.

3. Caps with 2D Embroideries or Prints on Multiple Positions
Embroider or print on the front, sides and the back of caps! Have your logo big on the front or smaller on the front left or right panels. Some of our clients embroider the names of each of their team members on either side of the caps to add a personalised touch.

4. Caps with Hook and Loop Badges
Hook and loop (or more commonly known as Velcro) patches can be on the front, the sides or back of the caps.  The loop sides will be sewn on the cap and embroidery badges with the hook side will be positioned on the loops.  You can make a number of embroidery badges to have the choice to wear different badges on different occasions!

5. Fully Customised Caps
Make your caps one of a kind and customise more than just the logos on the cap!

You get to choose the panels colours, visor colours or even the type of closure you like your customised caps to have such as metal or plastic adjustable buckles.

The range of embellishment types goes beyond embroidery or print, you can even opt for a multi-colour rubber badge! Add an inner label printed with your brand or team logo to make the caps even more special.

Here are some commonly asked questions:

1. How much does it cost to customise caps?
The price per cap typically depends on the quantity of caps, type of customisation and the number of logos on the cap.

2. Is there a minimum order quantity?
There is no minimum order for customised caps. However, for higher quantity bulk purchases, our Sales Managers will recommend a minimum quantity.

3. How long does it take to customise the caps?
For adding logos to in-stock blank cap styles, a typical turnaround time is 5-7 working days. For more complex cap customisation orders or high quantity orders, the turnaround time varies from weeks to months.

4. I am ordering at least a 100 pieces, do I get to see a sample before bulk production commences?
For higher quantity bulk orders, a sample will be done for your approval before mass production begins.

Get Started and Customise Your Caps!

High quality customised caps make great promotional items to give away to potential customers at marketing events. They also make a nice addition to team merchandise that helps to boost team spirit.

Ark Industries is a Singapore customised caps supplier with our own embroidery and printing production lines. We distribute Yupoong caps because we know that quality matters.

Simply send us a message below and let us get started in creating unique caps! The customisation and personalisation possibilities are endless!


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