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3 Things to avoid for custom t shirt printing

There are many possibilities in the world of custom t shirt printing. In the retail fashion industry, the brand, “Superdry”, has many t shirts on sale that are printed using many different types of print methods such as cracked high-density silkscreen prints and prints on embossed fabric!

There is a wide variety of print effects that can create eye-catching t shirts for your events, teams, friends and family! Depending on your budget and quantity, the selection of print effects may be narrowed down to a few. Getting a custom t shirt printed can be a great idea for many purposes. Let’s go through 3 points that we recommend our clients to avoid when getting custom t shirts printed.

1. Avoid not finding out more about the process of t shirt printing first

While it is possible to print on a t shirt like how you would print a document using a laser or inkjet printer at home (via a method called DTG Printing), very often most clients would find it too pricey or they may not like the way DTG prints look and feel on a t shirt.

We recommend having a chat with your selected t-shirt vendor and have their sales representatives give you the details on the various types of print methods. It is best to understand the pros and cons, as well as the limitations of each print method. A good custom t shirt printing company will be able to provide you with recommendations that suit your needs and give you the heads-up on what to expect later on in the process. Knowing the best practices for custom t shirt printing is very beneficial in expediting the process.

2. Avoid using too many colours in a t shirt design

“The more, the better!” In the case of colour choices in a t shirt design, we believe “Less is More”. Oftentimes, we have to advise our clients to reduce the number of colours in their t shirt designs for a few reasons such as budget and lead time.

An ideal t shirt design should feature 1 main colour that is used more than other colours. This provides good contrast and creates a visual hierarchy. We recommend working with colour schemes such as the complimentary, split complimentary, analogous and triadic ones while working with 1 to 4 colours.

3. Avoid not using a Vector file format
There are many ways to create a visual to be printed on t shirts. One could go to canva.com and create a nice artwork or use software such as Microsoft Paint or Powerpoint to put together a visual. However, most of these methods would create a raster image. A raster image is made up of fixed pixels, which cannot be scaled bigger without compromising the image quality.

For custom t shirt printing, we highly recommend using vector artwork instead of raster artwork. If you do not have graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator or do not know how to create vector artwork, do not worry! A good custom t shirt printing company will most likely be able to offer graphic design services. Engaging the services of graphic designers will save you time and even money!

Here’s A Bonus Tip!
4. Avoid colour inaccuracies of the prints

Most companies should have branding guidelines created by a professional graphic designer. The branding guidelines help companies to ensure every visual material across all communication and marketing channels have the same visual style. For colour accuracy, make sure to send the visual guidelines to your t shirt printer so that they can check for the Pantone colour codes stated in the guide.

Custom printed t shirts can boost the success of your events, help to foster team spirit and can even make great gifts! Choose to print on non-branded plain round neck t shirts, adidas running tees or Under Armour running tees to make them suitable for your needs!

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