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3 popular t-shirt trends (and why silk screen printing is a popular choice!)

Short sleeve t-shirts are a staple in the wardrobes of most people all over the world, especially in hot and sunny Singapore. T-shirts are useful for corporates and organisations. Custom t-shirts are used as corporate uniforms, for team building or corporate events. For personal use, custom t -shirts can be used to celebrate a special occasion, important milestones, group gatherings or family events.

If you need inspiration for custom t shirt designs, perhaps these 3 popular t-shirt trends can help in your ideation process.

1. Animals-inspired t-shirt prints

Animal-inspired t-shirt designs have always been popular. Sustainability of nature and environment is a topic that has gained international attention. This is translated in design creations across the globe. We reckon that this t-shirt trend is here to stay!

Some references from the animal kingdom that you can draw inspiration from and consider any visual cues to be included in your t shirt designs:

The style of your visuals can be realistic or stylised!

• Animal fur patterns (eg. zebra, jaguar)

• Animal paw or feet prints
• Animal families
• Animal habitats (eg. savannah or rainforest)

• Animal behaviour and characteristics (eg. fast runner or stealthy)
• Animal faces

2. Text t-shirt prints

Text is an evergreen popular choice for t-shirt designs! If you are a wordsmith and love a good quote or wordplay, this will surely pique your interest. Wearing a t shirt with an inspirational quote, playful word play or phrases definitely attracts the attention of people! Using a funny quote on your t shirt may even make strangers chuckle.

Have fun with typography and explore various ways of styling text such as using a 3D or grunge effect. Find the perfect font that expresses the meaning of your chosen text!

Some style ideas for typography:
• Retro fonts in psychedelic colors
• Graffiti fonts with splashes or sprays of colours
• Hand written effect
• College style numbers and text
• Rainbow letters within a word
• Repeated lines of text (outlined and solid)

3. Fake Pocket Prints
The top right chest position is the classic pocket position. Creative people across the world have printed many types of fake pockets on this position. You can absolutely have fun with your design!

Some ideas for the fake pocket print style:
• Plants growing out of the pocket

  • Food in the pocket
  • Patterned pocket (eg. stripes or checks)
  • Solid coloured pocket (eg. Half blue, half yellow)

You can choose from various methods to print your design onto tshirts, such as Heat Transfer Printing or Silkscreen Printing method. Silkscreen printing services in Singapore is a popular choice because of the following reasons:

1. Awesome colors
Most of the time, we use plastisol ink for our customers’ silkscreen printing orders. Plastisol ink produces bright and vivid prints on your tshirts! Even on dark coloured t shirts, the colours are still vibrant. Compared to water based inks, which are absorbed into the fibers, plastisol ink sits on top on the fabric and does not get absorbed by the fabric fibers.

If you want specific colours for your silk screen print, we are able to mix the plastisol inks to achieve the colours required. Because of the opaque plastisol ink quality, such colour accuracy can be achieved.

2. Durable
Plastisol ink is plastic based. It is made from resin and plasticisers which are cured and activated when heated at 166 degrees celsius, resulting in thick prints that last for a long time! A well-done silk screen print does not fade.

3. Cost-effective
Every colour of the tshirt design requires a screen to be made. For example, a 4 colour design would need 4 screens, which increases the set up cost. Silkscreen printing can be very cost-effective for higher quantity orders, that have artwork designs with fewer colours. The overall cost divided by the quantity of t-shirts makes each t shirt very affordable. Businesses and organisations with a larger headcount should most definitely choose silkscreen printing for their tees.

Let’s Get Started!

After you have decided on the art direction of your t shirt design, it’s time to turn your design into reality! If you need help in t shirt designing, our in-house design team will be able to provide some options for you to choose from. Simply let us know your requirements and details such as what the main message of the t shirt design should be.

Once the design is finalised, our production team can get started with silk screening your design on tees of your choice!

Contact us by sending us an email (info@ark.sg) or call us at +65 6352 0988. Our Sales Manager will provide you with the information you need.


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