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10 Things You Should Know About Customised Caps

Are you thinking of making customised caps in Singapore for your sports team? Your bar/restaurant? Or your office department? Well, the best first move is to find out a few things about customised caps in Singapore. Learning a few things about the ins and outs of cap customisation should help you make a better decision.

1. The available Positions for customised caps

Almost all the caps that you’ve seen outside on the streets, have at least one embellishment. There could be one on either side of the cap, or at the back and of course, the prime spot at the front. Alternatively, you can do embellishment on all sides in one cap.

2. Embroidered Fonts on customised caps

When doing embroidery, there is a process called ‘Digitizing’. Basically it’s converting an artwork into an embroidery format where you sort of sew it digitally according to your specification so that it could be replicated physically to the machine. This process takes a lot of skill. With that said, digitising comes with a fee.

It’s actually the same as embroidering letters or numbers but in order for you to skip the process of digitizing, it’s good to ask your embroidery supplier the available fonts that they have.

3. 3D Embroidery works best on customised caps

By now, you’ve probably seen 3D embroidered caps that really pop out! So if you ever thought of making customised caps in Singapore, try to consider 3D embroidery. But do take note, that 3D embroidery doesn’t apply to all artworks, all fonts or all line thickness.

This is a very broad topic that requires a whole article of it’s own but what you can do is ask your embroidery supplier whether your artwork or prefered font type can be 3D embroidered. If not, don’t hesitate to ask them for recommendation or advice. In Ark Industries, our sales manager works closely with our design team so this kind of thing shouldn’t be a hassle.

4. Printing on Caps (5 panel and 6 panel)

If you decide to go with print instead of embroidery, do take note which kind of cap are you embellishing it with. We strongly advise that you look for a 5 panel cap instead as a 6 panel cap will give your print an obvious panel seam.

yupoong flexfit cap

5. Putting Badge on customised caps 

Something that is uncommon but very outstanding is doing badges on caps. It is very striking and unique. And there are many types of badges that you can consider like an applique badge or you can even have a velcro so that you can easily stick different badges.

6. Embroidery on visor caps

Embroidery on visor caps is a lot different from the other normal caps like snapbacks. Obviously because of the low height. So it is good to consider that your logo or artwork won’t be that much big. Embellishment is possible but it will be very small.

7.  Embroidery on the mesh panels

If you are considering a trucker cap but thought that it doesn’t have much customisation real estate. Don’t worry, because we can definitely do embroidery or badges on both sides or at the back of the mesh panels.

customised cap singapore

8. You can do 2D + 3D embroidery on a customised cap

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that an embroidery styling such as this really amp up the overall look of the customised caps. One that always works is a 3D embroidered text with a 2D embroidery border around it. Where you can play with different colour combinations.

9. You can have a fully customised cap in Singapore with the Flexfit Custom overseas program

If you think you are limited with the regular caps and you want to make your own eccentric touch on the panels and bills, then our Flexfit Custom Overseas Program is perfect for you. 

Just reach out to any of our salespeople for an initial discussion, we go to a fun design discussion and have your customised cap designed in partnership with Flexfit Korea.

10. Full sublimation caps

If you are up for the overseas customisation program, then maybe you’d like to consider the full sublimation cap customisation. Now, this is where you can go all out with the design. Go with multiple colours, add complicated prints and include an embroidery on top of the sublimation prints.

Now, you are ready for some cap customisation!

Do check out our available caps for customisation here. If you’re ready to enquire, do send us a message via our form below, email us at info@ark.sg or call us! Our contact information can be found here.


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