Why choose Ark for Printing Services?

Our team has been established since 2005 in Singapore, and we have our own team of local designers, production specialists and experienced consultants. We know what looks good and what does not, and we provide professional advice on the best type of embellishment for each garment or product. Our designers will also help to enhance images such that they come out looking good on apparels. For example, for silkscreen printing, it works in layers of shapes and colours. Our design team will prepare print-ready versions of your artwork or logo, optimising it for best silkscreen printing results. The design team will provide suggestions and advise customers if the artwork requires tweaking to ensure that it is printed well.

At Ark, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, short turnaround time and top quality print jobs. When you choose ark, you are choosing quality work by professionals. Have peace of mind and assurance, contact us for a chat today.