Why buy Under Armour products?


What is UA? To the uninitiated, UA stands for Under Armour and it is a relatively new brand in the market (Since 1996). Founder, American Kevin Plank (then a 23 year old foot ball player), decided to invent his own moisture wicking shirt as he was getting tired of having to keep changing out of his sweat-soaked shirts during practice. Plank soon perfected the design creating a new T-shirt built from microfibers that wicked moisture and kept athletes cool, dry, and light. Major competing brands including Nike, Adidas and Reebok would soon follow in Plank’s footsteps with their own moisture-wicking apparel.

Today, Under Armour is at the forefront of the emerging performance apparel industry. Recent new innovations in ColdGear called Infrared, claims to disseminate heat using ceramic powder and re-circulate heat around the wearer’s body. Under Armour also had released a product with scent control technology in 2012 titled, “Under Armour Scent Control”. This line claims to be designed so that the wearer’s scent cannot be detected. Under Armour is inventing a new type of shirt called “Coldblack,” which is designed to reflect heat and keep athletes cool in the sun. Under Armour has come out with new styles for football uniforms. In October 2012, Under Armour created “The Wounded Warrior” project for football uniforms.

Why buy UA? Because there is simply no better choice. When you buy a UA product, you are buying a superior, quality product that you can utilise for a long time. You are buying a piece of innovation and emblazing your company’s logo on it. You are giving your team an additional reason to keep and use the product because they’ll love it.