Why buy from Ark Industries?

Like UA, Ark is a young company. We were founded in 2005 by a then 25 years young man. Within a short 13 years, we have gained a name for ourselves as being one of the best in the market. Besides being the corporate distributor for UA, we are also the corporate distributor for Adidas and the SEA distributor for Yupoong.

What we offer at Ark is premium quality apparel, one of the best embriodery in the market, and we have a team of sales people and designers that can help bring your ideas to life. We are young, we are vibrant, and we will keep on fighting to bring the best value, and the best products to you.

With Ark, what you get is peace of mind. Let us become your partner for all your needs. We offer so much more than we let on, let’s have a chat.